We recently updated iCalendar.org site to include the latest versions of the web support software. Continuing in the effort of site enhancements, a new validator version has been released, version 1.15, and contains the following features:

Added check that DTEND is not earlier than DTSTART - Previously, a DTSTART date occurring after the DTEND did not generate an error.

Added check for additional duplicate properties - The validator is now looking at more properties to verify there are no duplicates. For example, two "DTSTART" properties for the same event will be flagged by the validator.

Fixed issue with duplicate UID check, now recognizes duplicates when using RECURRENCE-ID - The iCalendar specification typically does not allow duplicate UIDs in the same iCalendar feed, unless it is part of a recurrence event. The validator now looks for this condition. Previously, the validator would generate an incorrect error.