The iCalendar Validator takes iCalendar data from a URL, file or text snippet and compares it against the RFC 5545 specification. You can find more information about the iCalendar Validator and version history by clicking here.

We welcome your feedback! Please send us a note through the "Contact Us" link above for questions or to report any problems.

Note: The validator is limited to iCalendar data 512KB or less in size. 


iCalendar Validator

Enter either an iCalendar URL, file, or paste text from an iCalendar file for validation.

Maximum upload size: 512.00 kB

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iCalendar Validator version 1.19, written by Dan Cogliano, Z Content

If you find a problem with our validator, please contact us to tell us about it.  We strive to make this the best iCalendar validator on the internet and your feedback will help us achieve that goal.