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The editor of this document wishes to thank Frank Dawson and Derik Stenerson, the original authors of RFC 2445, as well as the following individuals who have participated in the drafting, review, and discussion of this memo:

Joe Abley, Hervey Allen, Steve Allen, Jay Batson, Oliver Block, Stephane Bortzmeyer, Chris Bryant, Tantek Celik, Mark Crispin, Cyrus Daboo, Mike Douglass, Andrew N. Dowden, Lisa Dusseault, Lars Eggert, Gren Eliot, Pasi Eronen, Ben Fortuna, Ned Freed, Neal Gafter, Ted Hardie, Tim Hare, Jeffrey Harris, Helge Hess, Paul B. Hill, Thomas Hnetila, Russ Housley, Leif Johansson, Ciny Joy, Bruce Kahn, Reinhold Kainhofer, Martin Kiff, Patrice Lapierre, Michiel van Leeuwen, Jonathan Lennox, Jeff McCullough, Bill McQuillan, Alexey Melnikov, John W. Noerenberg II, Chuck Norris, Mark Paterson, Simon Pilette, Arnaud Quillaud, Robert Ransdell, Julian F. Reschke, Caleb Richardson, Sam Roberts, Dan Romascanu, Mike Samuel, George Sexton, Nigel Swinson, Clint Talbert, Simon Vaillancourt, Magnus Westerlund, and Sandy Wills.

A special thanks to the working group chairs Aki Niemi and Eliot Lear for their support and guidance.

The editor would also like to thank the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium for advice with this specification, and for organizing interoperability testing events to help refine it.

This document was automatically converted to XHTML using an RFC to HTML converter with the original text document at the Internet Engineering Task Force web site at .  The original text document should be referred to if there are any errors or discrepancies found in this document.

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